Poetics & Progym II

Language Arts for Upper School from Cottage Press. Purchasing requirements and recommendations listed below. Registered families will have opportunity to purchase Cottage Press materials in late summer with a generous group discount. 

One Student Book per student

One Teaching Helps per family

One Sentence Sense per student

Required Accompanying Literature and Texts

THE AENEID, by Virgil (Fitzgerald translation)

MACBETH, by William Shakespeare

PARALLEL LIVES OF THE NOBLE GRECIANS AND ROMANS, by Plutarch (Volume I and Volume II – Dryden Translation). Although we will read selections from both volumes, if you wish to purchase only one, we recommend Volume II. There is also a free download of Plutarch’s Lives at Gutenberg. Still, you will not regret having both of these on your shelves; look for good used versions, or make them a library-building gift to your student!

POETRY ANTHOLOGY  The Hundred Classic Poems by William Harmon is a good anthology with great notes. You can find many inexpensive used copies on Amazon! The Norton Anthology listed in Humanities II is another fine choice.

*Note: Answers to all grammar exercises assigned in Poetics & Progym II are included in Teaching Helps. For optional additional review exercises, you may access a Key to Harvey’s Practical Grammar online here.