Poetics & Progym III

Language Arts for Upper School from Cottage Press. Purchasing requirements and recommendations listed below. Registered families will have opportunity to purchase Cottage Press materials in late summer with a generous group discount.

One Student Book per student

One Teaching Helps per family

Parsing and Diagramming Resource
incorporating Harvey’s Revised Grammar

One per student

Required Accompanying Literature and Texts

THE DIVINE COMEDY I: HELL, by Dante, translated by Dorothy Sayers

THE DIVINE COMEDY II: PURGATORY, by Dante, translated by Dorothy Sayers

THE DIVINE COMEDY iiI: PARADISE, by Dante, translated by Dorothy Sayers

ELEMENTS OF STYLE, Strunk and White (4th edition)


POETRY ANTHOLOGY Any good anthology will do. We love this 1940 edition, compiled by Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch. Less expensive copies may be available at AbeBooks.

Note: Formal study in Harvey’s Revised Grammar was completed in Poetics & Progym II, but students should have it on hand for reference and review. For optional additional review exercises, you may access a Key to Harvey’s Practical Grammar online here.