Antiquity for Primer 2018-19

Books for Classroom Use

We advise parents to purchase the books that students will be reading in class each year, in case of sick days or snow days. Each book we choose is very much worth having on your shelves. Of course, we do ask that parents at home do not read “ahead” of the class!

History and Geography Books:

Literature Books:

COTTAGE PRESS POETRY READER Volume III – Group order will be placed in August. PURCHASE AT LEAST ONE PER FAMILY (older students should have their own copy to follow along as poems are read aloud at home).

Composer Study:

There are a good number of the lovely old Opal Wheeler hardbacks on Amazon; these are definitely worth having on your shelf for your children and grandchildren! If you  cannot find a suitable copy on Amazon, Zeezok Publishing has the entire series.

Books for Use At Home

We also offer a suggested reading list for each year. These books are not required, but we will provide a reading schedule if you wish to enjoy at home with your students. We offer only a few selections for this age, since students do not need to dwell extensively on this time period. In addition to these scheduled books, we recommend wide reading in childhood classics. For suggestions, visit Cottage Press Primer Resources for Literature and Narration.