Humanities I Antiquity 2018-19

PLEASE NOTE: Our bookstore pages are as complete as we can make them at this time. As teachers plan classes for the year, additions or deletions may be made. Booklists will be finalized by the beginning of August, and registered families will be notified when that occurs. Most of these books are worth having on your shelves, so we do not recommend that you turn down any great deals if you see them! But if you want to be absolutely sure, you may prefer to wait until our August deadline before you purchase.

Required Books and Materials

Note that the Van Loon book is written from a decidely evolutionary standpoint. We expect this to provoke some great discussions with students about ideas they will encounter in academia and popular culture regarding origins. Here are a few more reasons why we have chosen this book. We highly recommend that students enroll in the Old Testament Class Pastor Biggs is offering on Friday mornings as a corrective and counter-balance! If that is not possible, families should commit to reading through the major events of the Old Testament as an accompaniment for this year’s study. The required readings from Van Loon will be limited; much of it will be optional. Therefore, if you prefer, you may print out the readings from Gutenberg.

BOOK OF CENTURIES – A blank timeline book for students to record the major events and people they encounter in their study of history, literature, science, art, and music. We will place a discounted group order from Cottage Press later in the summer. (Students who already have a copy from previous years should continue to use it, as this is a cumulative endeavor.)  

COTTAGE PRESS POETRY READER Volume III – Group order will be placed in August. PURCHASE AT LEAST ONE PER FAMILY (older students should have their own copy to follow along as poems are read aloud at home).

Additional Reading

If your student (or you) just can’t get enough of Antiquity, start here. Also, check the Grammar list books!
Hittite Warrior,  Joanne Williamson
Shadow Hawk
, Andre Norton
D’Aulaire’s Book of Greek Myths
 (if they missed in Primer, read it in the summer before!)
Stories of the East from Herodotus, Alfred J. Church
Story of the Persian War, Alfred J. Church (Herodotus)
The Cat of Bubastes, G.A. Henty
Famous Men of Greece – Yesterday’s Classics
Children’s Homer, Padraic Colum – a must-read if not done in Lower School!!
Famous Men of Rome – Yesterday’s Classics
Horatius at the Bridge, Macaulay
Ides of April, Mary Ray
Beyond the Desert Gate, Mary Ray
Spring Tide, Mary Ray
Archimedes and the Door of Science, Jeanne Bendick
Galen and the Door of Medicine, Jeanne Bendick