We have designed our academic calendar, in keeping with the principle of scholé, to serve families, recognizing the merits of a “work hard, rest well!” cycle.  Breaks for Autumn and Spring, along with the extended Christmas break, promote a cycle of restful learning for students and teachers alike by providing a break from class meetings approximately every six weeks. These times are perfect opportunities for families to plan field trips and off-season vacations when college students are home, rates are cheaper, and crowds are smaller.

Academic Calendar 2019-2020

(Dates subject to change)

June 11 (Tue) ONE-DAY Teacher Prep

August 16

Parent Prep Day

August 23 Student Prep Day
September 6

Classes Begin, continuing every Friday, except as noted below

October 11 Autumn Break – No Classes
November 22 Shakespeare Day
November 29 Thanksgiving Break – No Classes
December 20 – January 10 Christmas Break – No Classes
January 17 Classes Resume
March 6 Spring Is Coming Break – No Classes
April 10 Easter Break – No Classes
May 8 Shakespeare Day and Last Day of Class